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SillyAnn wants to know - WHO LET THE LAPDOGS OUT - WOOF WOOF - Can you comment without name calling? What a troll you are, but you are good at it.

SillyAnn has only one point and that is to call everyone names because that is all he/she has in her sad pathetic life.
SillyAnn - the low informed yellow elephant lap dog name calling pointless tool strikes again!


SillyAnn can't feel morally or intellectually superior unless she has someone to oppress with her pathetic name calling antics. For her this pointless and persistent aberrant action is an obvious, but futile, attempt to escape her morbid obesity and resulting profound depression problems. Her self-loathing manifests though her constant name calling; which is on par with an elementary school yard bully and it has left her ethically bankrupt. Her third grade like rants is a miserable malcontent cry for help found in her unwarranted attacking posts. All one can do is laugh at her feeble attempts for acceptance or notoriety though her pretentious and unnecessary antagonistic attacks on others. SillyAnn, improved use of your insignificant time would be immediate medical assessments followed by probable psychotherapy, a lobotomy, or electric shock sessions. A gym (with high pressure showers) membership is strongly recommended.